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metro digitale elettronico

The digital meter to measure the volume of boards

Il Cubatore - Infometrics

Il Cubatore from Infometrics is the best digital board cubing system for all
professions in the timber industry.
Il Cubatore is not only a digital measuring tape, a robust smartphone with
arm holder and a user-friendly app, but also a smart offi ce software to manage the measured data.

metro digitale per tavole refilate e non refilate

Discover the advantages of the Cubatore.

In this video, sawyer Thomas shows the advantages of measuring boards with our digital tape measure compared to traditional methods.


metro digitale con app che registra automaticamente i metri cubi delle tavole


Create a new task in the app


Measure boards with the digital meter


m3 are automatically registered in the app


Synchronize measured data with offi ce software


Print or export measurement lists and create barcode labels

Whether boards, beams, strips or parquet - with uniform or different lengths - il Cubatore saves you valuable time, eliminates errors and increases your productivity.

metro digitale Il Cubatore in azione su tavole refilate

Simple and modular

metro elettronico che misura tavola non refilata

Digital Meter

Light industrial device, with replaceable tape:

  • length 5 metres

  • accuracy 1mm

  • Bluetooth up to 100 meters

  • manual brake

  • backlit display

  • 1200 mAh rechargeable battery for 12 hours of continuous work

smartphone con app per cubatura legname collegato al metro digitale cubatore

Rugged Smartphone

Rugged Smartphone with Android OS on the wrist:

  • with arm mount 

  • IP 68 Waterproof

  • protection class

  • IPS display5.5''

  • 24h continuous working

app per cubatura legname collegata al metro digitale cubatore


Android mobile application, easy to use to measure logs and boards:

  • net and gross volume 

  • manual entry and editing

  • print on portable bluetooth printer (not included)

  • data storage in the cloud

app web per cubatura legname collegato al metro digitale cubatore

Web Application in Cloud

Web application, easy to use to manage measurements of packages and lots:

  • packages and bundles

  • modification, manual entry and printing of packing lists

  • print labels with barcode

  • flexible data export

  • interface with various ERP software solutions


Brochure EN


Quick Start EN

The Cubatore includes measurement, writing and recording in a single operation, by a single person.

misurazione di tavole refilate con metro digitale Cubatore

The Cubatore is used by over 1.000 companies across Europe

The Cubatore is used by over 1.000 companies across Europe, including municipalities, owners, managers, forestry companies, transporters, sawmills and timber trading companies.

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