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Digital meter to
measure boards

Digital meter and digital caliper to measure boards and logs

Experts know that when it comes to equipment, reliability and ease of use are fundamental. Infometrics Cubatore is the best digital system to measure and classify boards and logs.

Simple and modular

The CUBATORE is a modular instrument designed to meet your needs:

Discover the advantages of Il Cubatore

The CUBATORE is the only smart system to measure and classify timber and logs automatically creating a packing list. 

The Cubatore includes measurement, writing and recording in a single operation, by a single person.

Gesicht des CEO's Alessandro Ugolini

Alessandro Ugolini, Inventor of Il Cubatore

The collected data is automatically stored in the cloud and can be consulted immediately via the web application or with third-party software.



With your Cubatore you have only one instrument in your hand that is easy to use through the innovative smart ring and voice confirmation.


Zero errors

Immediate measurement detection with automatic and intelligent controls reduces input errors.


Easy to use

Il Cubatore is the simplest tool on the market, as confirmed by hundreds of enthusiastic users.


Sustainable and durable

Il Cubatore is made of durable components. If necessary, most components can be easily replaced.

From the tree to the board

The Cubatore is the ideal tool for operators, forestry companies, sawmills & trading companies:

Our Customers

Not convinced?

The Cubatore is used by over 1.000 companies across Europe, including municipalities, owners, managers, forestry companies, transporters, sawmills and timber trading companies.

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