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Fürstenburg School of Agriculture and Forestry Introduces the Cubatore for Digital Wood Measurement

Since its foundation in 1952, the Fürstenburg School of Agriculture and Forestry in Burgeis has evolved into a significant training center for agricultural professions. To provide its approximately 200 students with up-to-date and innovative knowledge, the school has introduced the digital measurement system "Il Cubatore" in collaboration with Infometrics.

The Cubatore is the best digital system for measuring and classifying lumber and logs aimed at all operators in the timber supply chain. It combines traditional measurement tools with cutting-edge APP and cloud technology.

The digital measurement system was officially delivered last Thursday by Daniel Überbacher to Simone Maria Götsch, a forestry specialist teacher. At the same time, the fourth class received practical training on wood measurement.

Daniel Überbacher showed the students the caliper and digital meter with its app and cloud application directly in the classroom. The students then deepened their knowledge during a practical lesson at the Kaufmann Hans sawmill in Lasa, where they had the opportunity to experience firsthand the measurement of sawn wood and logs.

Nella foto: Simone Maria Götsch, insegnante specializzato in silvicoltura - Hans Kaufmann, Segheria Kaufmann - Daniel Überbacher, Infometrics


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