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The new caliper with Smart Ring and voice announcement

Updated: May 2

Cubatore users know that the Cubatore is constantly being improved based on the latest available technologies and the needs of increasingly demanding users. In the new caliper, the mechanical measuring tape fixed to the unit was replaced by a laser distance meter, which offers numerous advantages.

Until the end of 2022, the measurements were taken by our Bluetooth measuring tape, which was attached to the top via a steel bracket.

new caliper with Smart Ring and voice announcement

The solution was reliable and easy to use, but had two disadvantages:

  1. Wear and breakage of the measuring tape

  2. Too much space required when measuring in stacks

In the new version 2023, the mechanical measuring unit has been replaced by a LEICA laser distance meter.

As no moving mechanical parts are used anymore, the user has three advantages:

  1. Longer service life

  2. More flexibility when measuring stacks

  3. Reduced load due to the reduced weight

The caliper can be used with a smartphone on the wrist and a smart ring as a remote control to quickly change lengths and wood type.

The solution is also equipped with an integrated voice announcement of the measured values, so that work can be done even faster and more effectively.

Image: Caliper with LEICA distance meter


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