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Measurement of Untrimmed Boards

In this video, Alessandro Ugolini explains how to measure untrimmed boards of various lengths.

How to Measure a Pack of Semi-Trimmed Lumber Using the Cubatore.

In the video, Alessandro demonstrates how the digital meter, combined with the use of a cellphone on the wrist via a wristband and an app, greatly facilitates the measurement process, making it faster and more accurate.

Operation of the Digital Meter, The Cubatore:

  • Start by measuring the length of the lumber, simply by placing the meter and pressing a button to record the measurement.

  • Next, measure the width at the center of the board, halfway through the bevel, following the same procedure.

  • The Cubatore automatically recognizes that the longer measurement (over 90 cm) is the length and the shorter one (less than 90 cm) is the width, associating it with the previous length.

  • The application connected to the digital meter displays the partial cubic volume of the boards measured and indicates that it is waiting for the measurement of the next board.

  • This system allows you to proceed with measuring the next number of boards, maintaining a continuous and organized workflow.

Two Approaches Can Be Adopted in the Measurement Sequence:

  • Measure all lengths first and then all widths, maintaining the order of length measurements.

  • Alternate measuring length and width for each board, which may result in greater wear of the method but may be more intuitive for some users.

If errors are detected during the measurement or an adjustment needs to be made for visible defects after turning the board, the last entered measurement can be canceled by resetting it to zero directly from the application.

Optimize work times

The Cubatore not only simplifies the measurement process but also allows operators to significantly reduce measurement errors and optimize work times, thanks to its integrated digital technology and intuitive interface.

The ability to automatically record and classify measurements directly into a packing list makes this tool a cutting-edge solution for the timber industry.


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